Jenny is a fully certified Reflexologist who works extensively in Oxford, Spelsbury and the Woodstock area. 

Reflexology is a deep relaxing treatment practiced on the feet whilst at the same time nurturing the whole body. Stress levels are reduced, hormones are balanced, well being is improved with good health maintained and restored.

Well known for Her expertise of incorporating volcanic hot stones inducing a deeper relaxing reflexology experience. Renowned for addressing back and sleep related issues along with stress and Anxiety. Her treatments focus on Women who are struggling with hormonal issues, Teenagers who are getting to grips with their changing bodies, PMS, difficulties for couples conceiving and Pregnant ladies wanting preparation for a healthy pregnancy and birth. Great for Women who are also heading towards the Menopause and beyond.

With a strong ethos for Reflexology and belief on what we put into our bodies and our lifestyle can help us reach our optimum health.

Warm welcomes from Jenny every alternate Wednesday at NICHE

90 mins -£45

For more information please contact or visit


‘There is no true healing unless there is change in outlook, peace of mind and inner happiness’

“ Dr Edward Bach”

Ask yourself how am i feeling today? Are you experiencing discomfort in your mind and body with the feelings of anxiety, fear, regret or sadness?

Discover the healing benefits of the Bach Flower Remedies with a one to one consultation with Louisa Cox, holistic therapist and nutritional coach. Using this simple system of 38 remedies and exploring the feelings that that are causing you discomfort, you will emerge with a clearer sense of where you are. A personal remedy mix will accompany you on your journey to a more peaceful state of mind.

As a registered Bach Flower practitioner Louisa has been working with these remedies for 2 years, Personally noticing huge shifts in her own emotional development over time and the ability to work with those emotions as they arise.

Consultation 60 Mins - £45

For more information and to book a consultation please contact Louisa on 07750 053721