Back Neck with Backs of Legs
Swedish massage techniques help to relieve tension and stress built up in the back of the leg muscles and back area. Shoulders, neck and back muscles are loosened with a flowing relaxing massage experience bringing the back of the body back to life. - 60mins

Back Neck & Shoulders
A relaxing massage experience with a medium pressure combining forearm and elbow techniques, stretches and soothing effleurage. Hot compresses finalise the treatment to balance out mind and body. - 45mins


Natural lift Face Massage
A facial massage technique combined with a cleansing ritual that helps to firm and lift the facial muscles. Stimulating deep massage moves plump tone and renew the skin to work on a sense of calm through the power of touch. - 60mins

A course is recommended for maximum results comprising of two in the first week, one the next week then one two weeks later, Monthly maintenance is then advised for culmative results.

If you are looking for relaxation this treatment will work perfectly. 

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