Neoelegance Lumineo Light Therapy

A non invasive treatment used to treat the skin cells at a deeper level using an accumulation of light therapy or specific light therapy for skin concerns.

A smoother brighter skin with a reduction in breakouts, Anti-ageing concerns, uneven skin tone and an improvement in skin hydration and vitality

Red light - Boosts collagen, elastin and Hyaluronic acid making it a powerful anti-ageing treatment. It also helps to reduce skin inflammation dramatically.

Blue light - Kills bacteria, reduces sebum production making it an excellent treatment to minimise breakouts without being to aggressive.

Green light - Helps to prevent hyper pigmentation by decreasing the melanin and the inflammation in the skin. Brightening up the overall complexion.

Orange/ Yellow/ Purple - Therapeutic settings to help with oxygenation, lymphatic drainage and skin repair

Luxury Glow

Combine specific Light therapy, a powerful Anti-ageing infused mask and the Lumi pro lift to increase hydration levels smooth out fine lines and improve muscle tone - 60 mins £50

Mini Glow

A mini treatment with LED light therapy when time is of the essence. A quick pick up for the skin leaving a radiant glow - 30 mins £35

Express Glow

A perfect add on to the ILA face therapies - 15 mins £20